Women’s Group – September Meeting 2016

Discovery to Recovery – On Thursday 15th September, the Women’s Group heard a really encouraging talk from Lisa Smith, about her experience with Breast Cancer.

She had been in the habit of having a regular annual mammogram, and in 2014 that showed a very small lump in her breast, diagnosed as breast cancer; a second opinion confirmed this diagnosis. She advised our ladies to take a friend, if in this situation, as the news can be shattering. The lump was removed in a private hospital in Limassol, and the operation was successful and neatly done. Then she had regular chemotherapy, during which she lost her hair – which makes a woman feel awful! However, she got a lovely wig, which many thought was her own hair, and complimented her on it! This was followed by daily visits to Nicosia for radiotherapy, lasting for about 6 weeks. The two hour drive in the Cancer Patients’ minibus, followed fairly quickly by about 3 minutes of radio treatment was OK, but the long wait for everyone to be treated and ready for the bus was a bit of a drag. And then there was still the long journey back to Paphos. When that was finished, Lisa recovered rapidly, her hair grew – and now she is her normal self again, though still having regular check-ups – that will continue for ten years.She is so very grateful for the prompt treatment which not only saved her life, but led to a complete recovery, and she urges everyone who may suspect that something is not quite right, to have it thoroughly checked out – better to be safe than sorry! Thank you Lisa, for a very helpful talk, and also thanks to the ladies of St. Stephen’s for the very enjoyable refreshments afterwards. Next month’s talk will be at St. Luke’s, 3pm on 20th October, when Ken Wiseman will talk about the Mission to Seafarers.

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