Women’s Group – October Meeting 2015

On Thursday 15th October, 14 ladies gathered in St. Stephen’s to hear Janine Scott tell us about the role of computers in health care.

First she explained what a lot of training was required, first to make her a competent radiographer, and then to be involved in the change-over from paper to electronic records.The plan was to have everyone’s records available to any doctor or hospital in Britain,  so that no matter where you were ill, doctors would know your history immediately – which would save lives – and also thwart drug-abusers who had been getting the same drug from several doctors.Unfortunately, at the time, there was neither the software nor the trained staff available to implement this wonderful scheme, and it is only now starting to take place. Paper records were compulsory in UK until 2000. It was not all solemn though, Janine showed many jokes and cartoons from those days to keep us chuckling. There were many and varied questions at the end, before we all went to enjoy the delectable spread awaiting us, provided by the ladies from Ayia Kyriaki.

We have had a very interesting year so far and the last for the year will be no exception. On 19th November Joan Brewster will be entertaining us with a talk entitled:- “From turf fires to computers in the classroom!” It is a light hearted look at 5 decades of change and humour in the classroom. It will again be in St. Stephen’s, but this time will be hosted by them. Come along and enjoy Joan’s tales, on Thursday 19th November at 3 pm.

There will be no meeting in December, so the next one will be on 21st January 2016, when we can enjoy the lovely drive to Prodromi to hear Russ Fern talk about his experiences as a fireman.

For more information, please contact me, Barbara Reid, at b.reid32@gmail.com or ring 96 673393.

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