Women’s Group – November Meeting 2015

We have had a very interesting year so far and the last for the year was no exception. On 19th November Joan Brewster entertained us with a talk entitled:- “From turf fires to computers in the classroom!”

It was a light hearted look at 5 decades of change and humour in the classroom. Some of the tales she told us were hilarious, but my favourite was about the little boy who arrived home after his first day at the small country primary school. He kept muttering “I just CAN’T believe it” over and over. His father, exasperated, said “So tell us what you can’t believe, and we may be able to explain it”. “Well,” said the child, “A wee mouse ran out of the cupboard and up the teacher’s leg. She clapped her hand over it, and caught it – but I just CAN’T believe all that water came from such a tiny mouse!”. The meeting was held in St. Stephen’s, and hosted by them.
There will be no meeting in December, so the next one will be on 21st January 2016, when we can enjoy the lovely drive to Prodromi to hear Russ Fern talk about his experiences as a fireman.

For more information, please contact me, Barbara Reid, at b.reid32@gmail.com or ring 96 673393.

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