A great deal of information is contained in our helpful Funerals Booklet.

The main point we wish to emphasize in and through all the information provided, is this: When a person dies whom you have known and loved, it can seem as if the world stops! And whilst everybody else seems to go on in their normal world, you are left struggling to find “a new normal” – whatever “normal” is!

We who have chosen to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, wish to offer the compassion that even Jesus offered his friends when their friend Lazarus had died. “Jesus wept”, is the shortest verse in the Bible, from the record of that occasion.

In that vein, we will come alongside you in a helpful way, not seeking to impose, and even if you don’t share our faith but nevertheless seek a brief dignified “gravesite service” rather than a church funeral. We offer ourselves in compassion, dignity and service.

The Funeral Ministry of the Anglican Church of Paphos can assist in making arrangements for a local funeral in Paphos and also for repatriation of the deceased to another country. However, it is important that the local regulations and procedures are followed.

Cyprus Mail Article on Funeral Donations: A recent article in the Cyprus Mail alleged that ‘Church committees’ on the island were demanding to retain 40% of all donations made as the result of charitable collections at funerals. (See article: Churches still insisting on cut from funeral charity donations – April 18th, 2018) The Anglican Church of Paphos wishes to disassociate itself from such a practice and to make it clear that ALL and ANY monies collected in this way at funerals, which it conducts, are forwarded to the named charity(s). Furthermore, we understand and accept that a funeral director may take the lead in organising such collections and that they agree to forward the collected monies, in full, to the named charity(s). I would ask that you to make this known to anyone you know who enquires about our practice. Reverend Andrew.

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Initial action to be taken in the event of a death

  • Contact your doctor

    Contact your doctor. If the deceased has been having treatment and had been seen by a doctor within the previous 72 hours, then the doctor will issue a Cause of Death Certificate.

    In the case of a sudden, violent or accidental death, the C.I.D. Department of the local police station must be informed. This is a legal requirement. The police will require the passport of the deceased..

  • Contact a member of the Paphos Funeral Ministry

    Funeral Coordinator –  Jacky Cotterill on 26 939971 or 99 838245

    Deputy Funeral Coordinator – Tim Sabben-Clare on 26 653088  or 99 532581

  • If death has occurred at home or in a clinic

    Should death occur at home or in a clinic (i.e. not in the local hospital) it will be necessary to move the deceased to the Mortuary at Paphos General Hospital by contacting:

    Angel Guardians on 26 222993 or 96 783112
    Galini Funeral Services Agency on 26 950530 or 99 463918 (24 hours)

  • Registering a death

    The following documents are required to register a death and complete all necessary formalities

    • Passport
    • Alien Registration Booklet
    • ID Card (if applicable)
    • Either Temporary Residence Permit (pink/yellow slip) or Permanent Residence Permit
    • Cause of Death Certificate (original)
    • Death Certificate.

    If the C.I.D. are involved then a Permit to Bury Certificate will also be required from the police as well as a Coroner’s Report if an autopsy has been required.

  • Death Certificates

    Death Certificates are issued by the Registrar and a sufficient number should be requested at the time of registering the death. Certificates will be required for the following purposes: bank accounts, pensions, insurance policies etc. One additional certificate is required by the Immigration Department.

Please remember that our prime concern is to carry out the wishes of the bereaved wherever possible.



The recently bereaved are likely to be in a state of distress and shock, especially in the case of a sudden and unexpected death of a close family member. It is therefore strongly recommended that advice is always sought from one of our Funeral Coordinators before making any commitment to enlisting the services of a local undertaker or signing any paperwork associated with the death.

This is particularly applicable in the cases where an ambulance is involved, since it has been known for ambulance drivers to tip off the representative of local undertakers resulting in a stressful and persistent approach within a short time of arrival at the hospital.

Extravagant claims may be made that the undertakers concerned work for/with The British High Commission and/or for/with The Anglican Church, which is not true though the aim of the Funeral Ministry is always to advise and fulfill the wishes of the next of kin/bereaved and to coordinate funerals with the chosen undertaker.