Garden Party at the Keeble’s

On Saturday 8th August around 60 people gathered at the home of Ian and Margaret Keeble in Anarita, to enjoy an afternoon of fellowship and relaxation at a Garden Party. It was delightful to welcome many friends and relations of Church members as well as local neighbours.

Although the weather didn’t cool down as much as we would have liked, it was obvious that everyone who came enjoyed the afternoon. It was good to see adults having a go at the ‘silly games’ and deriving much pleasure, and rivalry, from throwing ping-pong balls into jam jars and bean bags on to a step ladder!
There were a couple of ‘Treasure Hunts’, a bottle stall and a game of boule to add to the entertainment. The two bars were, as usual, very popular and the food seemed to meet with approval. Sue and Lou came with their Recycled cards, which are always popular and our Craft Group put on a splendid display of goods for sale.

I am pleased to say that everyone’s effort was very worthwhile and the Church has benefited by over €800.00

                                                                                                                                                          Margaret Keeble

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