Women’s Group – Meetings for the rest of the year – 2015

It is now Autumn, and most of our members have returned from their summer travels. Our September meeting at St. Luke’s in Prodromi was well attended and we enjoyed learning about Reflexology.

At our next meeting, at the usual time of 3 p.m. on Thursday 15th October, St. Stephen’s will be the venue for a presentation by Janine Scott, on how modern technology is improving healthcare for you and me. You will be amazed and enthralled at the ways in which computers are now being used, not only in administration, but also directly in use by patients, to improve their well-being.

Janine was a hospital radiographer and also has extensive computer skills, so is well qualified to inform us on the subject. Come along for an interesting afternoon, plus some delicious refreshments provided by ladies from Ayia Kyriaki.

On 19th November, St. Stephen’s will again be the venue, and also the hosts. Joan Brewster will be entertaining us with tales about the humour to be found in teaching. I feel sure she will keep us chuckling all the time.

After the Christmas break, there will be a meeting at St. Luke’s, on 21st January, when they plan to have a retired fireman telling us about his adventures.

Please put these dates in your diary. For more information, please contact Barbara Reid at b.reid32@gmail.com or 96673393.

Annual Charity Christmas Fayre 2015

CHRISTMAS FAYRE: Well done what a terrific effort. A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who helped make the Fayre such a success.

Initial indications are that more than €10,000 will be donated to the beneficiary charities; the final figure will be announced in due course.
To view the charities that will benefit from this year’s Fayre click hereChristmas Fayre Charities 2015




Boules and Croquet

Some images from the recent Social Event of Boules and Croquet, held in the Argaka Picnic area near Polis; the Boules and Croquet were followed by a picnic and the afternoon was enjoyed by all who attended.

Women’s Group – Garden Party 2015

Nobody was confused by the change of day, as twenty-four ladies turned up for a Garden Party in the lovely garden of Sue Vyvyan-Robinson on Friday 19th June.

The sun was shining as we arrived, and the many flowering shrubs looked beautiful – but we had barely settled ourselves at the tables when it started to rain. Some dashed to the shelter of Sue’s covered terrace, others retreated under the trees in the hope that it wouldn’t be much. Alas, it became quite wet, so we all took cover till the squall passed, then came back outside – but we all enjoyed it despite the weather.
Sue and Lou organised a raffle in which there seemed to be more prizes than people! This raised €150 for Church Funds. Mary Brown made another €50 with the Craft Stall, also donated to the Church. Many thanks to these three and to all those who contributed raffle prizes and tempting refreshments; and most of all thanks to Sue for the use of her delightful garden and facilities.

There will be no Women’s Group meeting in July or August, as many Church members will be away, so the next will be on Thursday 17th September at St. Luke’s, Prodromi, when there will be a talk on Reflexology, with refreshments provided by the ladies of St. Luke’s. The October meeting will be held in St. Stephen’s, hosted by Ayia Kyriaki, more details later.

Some photos from the Garden Party held in the garden at Sue Vyvyan-Robinson’s home.

Mini Golf

The Mini Golf at Island Cove was, as usual, a successful and enjoyable evening. 48 people played golf and a total of 59 enjoyed Margaret Keeble’s delicious buffet. Thank you to all who contributed to the event.

The ladies’ trophy was won by Jane Direnzio and the gentlemen’s trophy by Roy Peach both members of St. Stephen’s.

Farewell to Rev’d Nic and Family

At the 6 pm service on Sunday 10th May, over 100 gathered from all three churches to join Rev’d Nic and family for his last service in the Parish. It was a joyous occasion – although tinged with regret – Rev’d Nic preached, as usual, a fine sermon.

Hilda Wilkinson presented an authentic icon “The Virgin of Kykkos” on behalf of all Church members. Rev’d Andrew blessed the family, including Nic’s sister who was here on holiday. A Wine and Cheese followed prepared by Margaret Keeble and to her usual standard.

Women’s Group – Art in Retirement 2015

On Thursday 21st May a group of ladies of the Church, and their friends, came to listen to a talk by Chris Cross about how she came to art in her retirement. There were several of her paintings on display, and we were very impressed by her talent.

Chris was unsure how to approach the task of talking about her art, so asked a friend for advice: she was told to imagine everyone in the audience was naked! That started us off with a good laugh, and there were more laughs to come, though I fear I won’t remember them.

At school she received no art instruction, and didn’t realise what pleasure she could find in painting until she was much older. Later in life she felt the urge to try it for herself, but found it difficult to put her visions on paper, so went to classes. At first this didn’t meet her needs, but after finding two teachers who were able to guide her into expressing herself, she rejoiced in it.

Some of the things she was asked to paint, for friends or family, were a real challenge, so she found it helpful to pray for guidance in these cases – and she always got it. One friend asked her to paint his dog, which had recently died, from an old, faded photograph; Chris didn’t feel confident in her ability to produce what her friend wanted, but her hand was guided, and she painted a beautiful, lifelike portrait of the dog – and her friend was delighted with it.

After Chris finished her talk there were lots of questions from interested members of the audience – some who had dabbled in art and others with ‘two left hands’. All were amazed and thrilled at her achievement, and some went home with plans to realise their own unacknowledged ambitions. Perhaps we shall be hearing of THEIR success in a few years’ time!

The we moved through to the social area for a chat while enjoying a delicious and plentiful afternoon tea, provided by the ladies of St. Stephen’s.

Now we look forward to the next meeting, which will be held in the garden of Sue Vyvyan-Robinson on Friday 19th June at 4 pm – note change in day and time. This will be a Summer Garden Party, with no speaker.

Chinese Meal at the Xiang Gong

Approximately 60 people gathered together, on the 24th April, for a Chinese meal at the Xiang Gong Restaurant in Kato Paphos.

The meal was much enjoyed by all; a raffle was held during the meal which raised €141.00 for church funds.

High Heels, Hats and High Tea – April 2015

The April meeting of the Women’s Group was held on Thursday 16th April at Rosie’s Tea Room in Geroskipou.

Several ladies attended this meeting dressed in their finery as shown in the images below; this was the last meeting that Rev’d Julia was able to attend as she, Rev’d Nic, Hannah and Joshua leave Paphos before the next meeting in May.

The next meeting of the Women’s Group will be on Thursday 21st May, hosted by St. Stephen’s, when Chris Cross will talk to us on the subject of ‘Art in Retirement’, she will bring some of her paintings with her; we look forward to that.
For further details or if you wish to join us please contact Barbara Reid on 96 673393.

Healing Service at St. Stephen’s

On 8th March Rev’d Julia Denny-Dimitriou and Reader Ann Bailey led a ‘Healing Service’ at St. Stephen’s church at Tala.

At the beginning of the service the congregation was reminded that ‘healing’ is not physical but addresses all suffering and lack of wholeness: physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.

The service included space for individual as well as corporate prayer including reading the names of people who had requested prayer for themselves or someone else. Our bible readings and hymns all reflected God’s love and his healing power and the service included music from the Iona and Taizé communities as well as time for personal reflection. The congregation was also offered the opportunity to be anointed on their foreheads and/or hands as a symbol of God’s invisible grace in healing. As a symbol of handing over our worries to our Heavenly Father, congregants were also able to place pebbles into a bowl of water laid at the foot of the Lenten Cross which had been draped with a purple cloth and a crown of thorns.

Our final hymn, ‘Great is thy faithfulness’, reminded us of God’s constant and unfailing love for each one of us.

Reader Ann Bailey

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