Women’s World Day of Prayer 2018

Women’s World Day of Prayer 2018 – prepared by Christian Women of Suriname.

Front Cover of Service Booklet

Front Cover Artwork
The painting shows hands symbolically receiving the divine gift ready to pass on to future generations. The sun shines and vegetables and fruit tell us that there is enough food for everyone. The hummingbird, white ibis and macaw represent the many bird species the country boasts. The blue frog is one of the protected species only found in Suriname. Native to the country is the red and yellow heliconia, as is the majestic kapok tree – a beautiful giant of the forest. In the distance the Voltzberg can be seen – one of Suriname’s many granite mountains. The seven women symbolize all women in Suriname who cherish this gift to pass on to their children. Seven also symbolizes the seven days of God’s creation.

The Artist
The graphic on the front cover was designed by 70 year old Alice Pomstra-Elmont. Alice was born on a ship as her mother was travelling from Paramaribo to Moengo, which in those days could only be done by boat. Most of her youth was spent in Paramaribo. She worked in general education in Suriname and later in special education in the Netherlands, before returning to live in Suriname.
Alice writes: “I enjoy this wonderful country with its rich nature. It is delightful to see the sun rise in the morning and the birds flying. What a precious gift. Let us keep it as beautiful as we received it.”

Some photographs from the Women’s World Day of Prayer Service held at St. Stephen’s Church, Tala.
€265.80 was raised to go towards the grants allocated by the Women’s World Day of Prayer Committee.


Women’s Group Meeting – April 2018 + Update

The next meeting is being hosted and held at St. Stephen’s Church, Tala on 19th April at 3 pm.

Is it time you took action on your hearing loss?

Mr Constantinos Avraamides, an audiologist and Mr. Marios Miltiadous, a hearing aid dispenser working in both Paphos and Polis will give a talk explaining how our ears work, the importance of treating hearing loss early together with simple tips on how to look after your ears and what the latest technology has to offer if you need a little extra help.

Hearing loss occurs very gradually throughout our lives and is often compensated for by simply asking people to repeat things or by turning up the volume up a bit more. Does this sound familiar?

That your hearing will decline with age is inevitable but doing nothing about it comes at a higher price that you might realize.  Medical research now shows those who do not get treatment will  increase their chance of suffering with more health related consequences than those who take action to support their hearing loss.

As the topic is very relevant to men as well, we invite all interested to attend the meeting. Please also do spread the word and let’s reach out to everyone who may not know that they have an issue at all.

The meeting is normally for an hour with the ability to interact with the Speaker. After which there are light refreshments and time to socialize with other members.

The Women’s Group had a successful meeting on 19th April with over 35 attendees on the topic of hearing.
The talk was very informative and interactive. It ended with a brief hearing test for those who wished.

Grand Easter Walk 2018

Join the Grand Easter Walk on Monday 2nd April and raise money for YOUR church or YOUR charity.

Poster for Grand Easter Walk 2018

The Grand Easter Walk provides the perfect opportunity for you to join other like-minded fundraisers to enjoy a fun day out and raise money for your church or your favourite charities.

There are three walking routes to choose from requiring different levels of fitness, all designed to enable the individual walkers and enthusiastic teams to participate. You walk at your own pace, it’s not a race.

Coast-to-Coast, a 30 Kms (18 miles) walk starting at 7.00 am from Latchi to Sea Caves is designed for the more experienced and energetic walker. The route passes through Neo Chorio and down the south coast past Lara Bay and Agios Georgios to Sea Caves. The views from the Akamas are breathtaking.

The second and less strenuous circular route is an 11Kms (7 miles) walk leaving Sea Caves at 10.00 am, going inland uphill towards the zoo then down to Agios Georgios and back.

The third option, ideal for families and the less mobile is a 7 Kms (4.5 miles) circular route from Sea Caves to Corallia Bay and back – a pleasant two-hour walk starting at 10.30 am, all on the flat, going through the small farms along the coastal pathways.

The walks have been planned so that all participants arrive at the finish point, the Sea Caves Taverna, where lunchtime refreshments will be provided as part of the 15 Euros per person registration fee.

If you find it difficult to arrange sponsorship, you will be equally welcome if you just wish to join us for the walk. However much or little you raise is equally important.

For full details on the event – routes, registration details and sponsorship forms please click on the relevant link below. Alternatively, email: churchsecretary04@gmail.com or telephone Di Sylvester on 99 103976

Walk details

Description and route map for the long walk from Latchi.

Registration and Sponsorship Form and Continuation Form

Christmas Fayre 2017 Update

€10,000 Raised For Charity By The Anglican Church of Paphos

The Christmas Fayre run by the Anglican Church of Paphos at The Monte Lisa on 6th December 2017 raised an amazing €10,000 which will  help 22 charities both large and small based on the island with many working in the Paphos District. We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who came on the day, those who worked so hard to make the event possible and to the many local businesses and individuals who gave us help with donations and advertising. We are delighted to have been able to make such a difference to those in our local community once again.

Carol Singing at the Paphos General Hospital

This year, as usual, members of the Hospital and Clinic Visitors’ Team met at 10 a.m. on the 15th December 2017 outside the Children’s Ward at Paphos General Hospital to sing Christmas carols to the children, their families and the staff.

The team members were joined by Reverend Andrew and Canon Anthony as well as members of all three of the Anglican Church of Paphos’s congregations together with Father Fernando of the Latin Catholic Church.

Refugee Children at Kofinou, The Giving Tree and ‘Shoe Boxes’

Every year, just before Christmas, the three churches of our parish bring Christmas cheer to three specific charities; St. Stephen’s have the Giving Tree in which they buy gifts and present them to the local needy children in the Tala area, St. Luke’s put together boxes for the Mission to Seafarers at Limassol and Ayia Kyriaki raised money to buy gifts for the refugee children of the Kofinou Refugee Camp.

On 9th December, Reverend Andrew and the two Wardens of Ayia Kyriaki, went to the camp where, along with all the other Anglican parishes in Cyprus, gave the gifts, which all had the names and ages of the children to whom they were to be given, to Father Christmas who presented them to the children.

Father Christmas’s visit and the gifts brought from all the parishes were much appreciated by all the children.


St Stephen’s was delighted to once again help out with presents for the children in Paphos under the care of Social Services.  A tag with the gender and age of a child was placed on the ‘Giving Tree’ for each child in need and people were invited to take a tag, purchase an appropriate gift, wrap it up labeling it with the tag and place it under the tree.  In place of the tag, a glass bauble was put on the tree.  50 gifts (25 girls from between 6 months and 15 years) and 25 boys (between 1 year and 16 years) were given together with 2 additional ones for a Syrian refugee family.  8 extra gifts across the age and gender spectrum were also provided in case of any ’emergency need’ over the Christmas holiday which can also be used at other times of the year if they were not required.  The gifts were taken to Social Services in time for the tags to have individual names put on them by members of staff and delivered by ‘Father Christmas’ in time for Christmas. 


Ukrainian crew receiving Christmas gifts as a result of the ‘Shoe Box’ appeal.



Christmas ‘Shoe’ boxes for Seafarers: It is most gratifying that through the love, care and commitment of parishioners across most of the archdeaconry and not least St. Luke’s from within Paphos; and that of Girl Guides, Brownies and Rainbow Children, not least from the military bases; and the indefatigable efforts of a core of Mission to Seafarers Volunteers at the Limassol Centre under Ken Wiseman’s leadership, nearly 200 boxes were gifted to seafarers over Christmastide.




Dinner / Dance 2017

On 23rd November, the church Christmas Dinner, organised by the major fund raising team was held at the Kamares Club. It was a tremendous success and was enjoyed by all three congregations who were equally well represented. 58 tickets were sold and I’m afraid that anyone who was unable to attend really missed out. €1100 were raised for church funds.

The food was excellent but will result in one or two pre-Christmas diets being necessary! Music was provided by Blue Jar, a delightfully talented couple with a huge range of different genres ranging from quiet background ballads during the meal and ending with everyone up on the dance floor.

We have been asked to repeat this next year and it is hoped that we will have 75-100 attending once word gets around. If you didn’t go – ask someone who did, what you missed out on.

Many thanks to all the team who worked so hard to put the event on, added to the successful Sponsored Walk – also being repeated next Easter Monday.

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