Animal and Pet Service 2017

Animal and Pet Service

A ‘Special Service’ for your animals and pets

Having a pet can certainly be a blessing especially when they provide company and companionship. There is something very heart-warming about being able to show one’s love to that special animal in your life. St Francis of Assisi would have agreed for he was known to have a special love for, and an affinity with animals.

So, on St Francis’ feast day, Wednesday 4th October, there will be an opportunity to mark this special day with a simple blessing of animals by the clergy from both the Latin Catholic and the Anglican Churches. The first animal blessing service was held last year and, due to its popularity, is being held again. Hopefully, it will become a regular event on the church calendar.

Bring your animals and pets to the shaded area just beside the church of Ayia Kyriaki, Kato Paphos at 4.00pm and have your pet blessed. There is a long tradition in the church of giving thanks for animals and blessing them and we will uphold this tradition, and hope that you and your ‘special friend’ will be able to join us.

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