Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee has been set up to provide temporary financial assistance to those in need, both in the Church and in the wider community. The Latin Community, the New Testament Church and the Paphos Christian Fellowship are represented on this committee.

In the past year we have been able to give more than €3000 to help people with a range of needs and problems. While our finances mainly come from the Church Council, we have also received donations from the New Testament Church and from individuals.

If you would like to apply for help, or find out more, please contact your Church Representative.

fi-welfareTo make a donation to the Welfare Committee

Please just goto the Giving Page

SSAFA Support Contact

fi-ssafaExperience is showing that people on UK pensions are suffering as a result of rising prices and the variable exchange rate. The indications are that the economic climate will not show any improvement for at least two years.

If you are an ex-member of the UK Armed Forces, the SSAFA may be able to assist financially in cases of need. The only qualification is that the applicant or close family member must have been in receipt of a minimum of one day’s pay from HM Armed Forces.

All cases are dealt with in the strictest confidence and if you would like to discuss the matter have a word with Mike Gerard on 99 967697.