Pastoral Care Team

fi-pastoral-careThe Team officially consists of a number of church members, who meet regularly on the 4th Wednesday of the month to review the list of church contacts requiring assistance of any sort.

We are blessed in having many other people within our congregation, who give unstintingly of their time, to care for neighbours and friends. This helps to spread the load, and we are very appreciative of all that they do, for the church family, as well as the wider community.

We have an invaluable list of resources for Disabled Support in Cyprus, which is constantly being reviewed and up-dated. We also have a limited stock of disability aids stored in the church hall and three wheelchairs.

On average we have about twenty people requiring pastoral care and we keep in touch with them regularly, either by telephoning or visiting. Their needs are varied and variable, but all are most appreciative of the attention that they receive. Occasionally our care extends to holidaymakers, if they are unfortunate enough to find themselves in difficulties, while staying in the Paphos area. The parable of the Good Samaritan provides us with an example which cannot be ignored. For further information contact Duty Member on 97 857770.

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Easymeals: There are occasions when a home-cooked, nutritious meal delivered to your door can be a ‘life-saver’. This service is now available with an extensive menu. The meals are delivered frozen to place in your freezer or heat and eat at your convenience. Ideal in an emergency situation or indeed as long-term food provision for someone unable to cook for themselves. Email: or phone 96 632003.

Click on the link to download the menu and price list: Easymeals Menu.pdf