2015 Annual Christmas Fayre – Update

Following the fantastic success of last year’s Fayre €10,000 will, this week, be distributed to a list of 23 charities, all based on the island. Many of them are struggling having been badly affected by the many recent calls on people’s generosity to support aid agencies coping with refugees in war-torn areas around the world, particularly those close to home; and they therefore rely heavily on the relatively small donations that we are able to send to each of the organisations on the list. The Charitable Giving Committee re-evaluates the list of worthy causes each year and presents its recommendations to the Church Council after very careful consideration, so that only genuine and very worthwhile causes are included.

Not only are we supporting many people living in Cyprus who are a lot less fortunate than ourselves as expatriates, but the event draws our three worship centres closer together in our efforts to make the Fayre a worthwhile enterprise; also it is an excellent vehicle for our work of outreach into the local community. New friendships are cemented and newcomers to Paphos are introduced to a vibrant Church which works hard in a truly Christian spirit.

Although three very valuable members of the committee have decided to stand down, at its February meeting the Church Council made a decision that a new committee should be formed to put plans in place for a similar event next December. A meeting will be called within the next few weeks to form a new committee and begin planning for the 2016 Christmas Fayre. It was felt that it would be a very sad and most disappointing state of affairs if the wonderful results over many years could not be built on and continued indefinitely.

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