Women’s Group Meetings – January & February 2015

Daffodils, red hats and the perils of loving a dog

Thirteen women gathered at St. Luke’s on Thursday 22 January to enjoy an intimate afternoon of shared poetry, fellowship, and of course, tea. Explaining why each poem was meaningful, they shared a broad sweep of verse from Shakespeare through Wordsworth, Cecil Day-Lewis, Helen Steiner Rice and Eddie Askew to amusing contemporary verse. Funny, sad, thought-provoking, moving, entertaining and uplifting, we enjoyed it all. Many thanks to Jean Wickens for organising the event and to the women of St. Luke’s for tea. The next meeting will be at St. Stephen’s on Thursday 19 February from 3-5 p.m., when visitors from the Cancer Support Group will address the group. Julia DD

Women’s Group Report for February

Despite the freezing temperatures on Thursday 19 February, 20 women gathered at St. Stephen’s to hear a most informative talk by Maxine O’Daly of the Cancer Patients Support Group. Unfortunately the snow and treacherous roads prevented members from Polis from attending. Maxine was glad to receive a total of €75 in donations from those present. Grateful thanks to Norma Redpath for organising the gathering and to the women of St. Stephen’s for the tea.
Julia DD


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