Women’s Group Meeting – March 2016

On Thursday 17th March, 14 ladies enjoyed a talk from Annie Piper about pearls, and it was fascinating! I hadn’t realised that natural pearls were rough while artificial ones are smooth and slippery – and cultured pearls can be distinguished from ‘wild’ pearls only by X-ray.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 21st April at St. Luke’s, when Ann Lawrence will be telling us about the ongoing relationship between our Church and the Dabasco School in Kenya. I heard her talking about it when it started, some years ago, and it was both interesting and moving, so I look forward to the update. It is a lovely time of year for a drive to Prodromi, so I hope to see a large audience.

The date of the May meeting, at St. Stephen’s, has been changed to Wednesday 25th at the usual time of 3 p.m. So please make a note of this in your diary. The speaker has not yet been decided.

If you would like further information on the Women’s Group, please contact me, Barbara Reid on 96 673393 or by
e-mail at b.reid32@gmail.com

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