Women’s Group Meeting – February 2016

On Thursday 18th February, 18 ladies enjoyed an interesting and informative talk from Lorna Firth on Modern Methods of Stress Management. We learned how to cure ourselves of low spirits, and become happy and confident by a simple DIY method. I got the impression that some of the ladies were NOT convinced, and were prepared to argue about it. A spirited discussion ensued! And the chat, over the usual mouth-watering refreshments, afterwards was also quite lively.

On 17th March, also at St. Stephen’s and hosted by them, Annie Piper will talk about pearls. An old Arab legend tells that a pearl is formed when a tear from the moon falls into the ocean and is swallowed by an oyster. Annie will explain just how these beautiful gifts from nature are formed. She will talk about natural, cultured and synthetic pearls and how to tell the difference. There will be tips on how to care for your pearls and how to renovate those old family heirlooms you may have. Please feel free to bring along any pearls on which you have queries.
If you would like further information on the Women’s Group, please see the Church website: contact me, Barbara Reid at b.reid32@gmail.com or ring 96 673393.

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