Women’s Group Meeting – April 2016

The children of Dabasco School in Kenya certainly put us to shame, in their appreciation of the small gifts we have given them!

1600 children tried very hard to learn in a school of rough stone classrooms roofed with corrugated iron,each with 40 pupils in a temperature of 40°C, seated on a mud floor with only one book, one pencil and a few scraps of paper between them. As if this was not hard enough, the National Examinations were set in English, and these children spoke Swahili, so they had first to learn English. This was the situation found by Ann and Graham Lawrence when they were first taken to visit the school during a holiday in 2006. When they returned home the first thing they did was to spread the request for donations of pencils and jotters. Working in partnership with the school management committee, head teacher and staff during the past 10 years, the school has vastly improved, with jotters and pencils for all, ventilation, benches and tables, two new classrooms and now a library is being collected for them – all due to the British students and churches who have supported Ann and Graham’s efforts. One of those churches was the Anglican Church of Paphos, notably St. Luke’s, who have received enthusiastic letters of gratitude from some of the children, written by themselves, in good (if not quite perfect) English. Some of the children have now passed the National Examinations, which will qualify them for good jobs!
WHAT a wonderful achievement, Ann and Graham! Thank you for coming to tell us about it.

Don’t forget, the next meeting of the Women’s Group will be on Wednesday 25th May, hosted by Ayia Kyriaki at St. Stephen’s; 3 p.m. as usual.So I hope all those ladies who have other engagements on a Thursday will come along this time. The speaker will be Pat Burrow who will tell us about her Great Grandfather’s time in Colonial India.She tells me there are some fascinating tales preserved by the family, about a time that was, I understand, dangerous and scary, but also heart-warming and happy. I am looking forward to it, and hope for a good turnout.

Barbara Reid, 96 673393 or b.reid32@gmail.com

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