Women’s Group – Art in Retirement 2015

Chris Cross talking to the ladies of the Women's Group about Art in Retirement

On Thursday 21st May a group of ladies of the Church, and their friends, came to listen to a talk by Chris Cross about how she came to art in her retirement. There were several of her paintings on display, and we were very impressed by her talent.

Chris was unsure how to approach the task of talking about her art, so asked a friend for advice: she was told to imagine everyone in the audience was naked! That started us off with a good laugh, and there were more laughs to come, though I fear I won’t remember them.

At school she received no art instruction, and didn’t realise what pleasure she could find in painting until she was much older. Later in life she felt the urge to try it for herself, but found it difficult to put her visions on paper, so went to classes. At first this didn’t meet her needs, but after finding two teachers who were able to guide her into expressing herself, she rejoiced in it.

Some of the things she was asked to paint, for friends or family, were a real challenge, so she found it helpful to pray for guidance in these cases – and she always got it. One friend asked her to paint his dog, which had recently died, from an old, faded photograph; Chris didn’t feel confident in her ability to produce what her friend wanted, but her hand was guided, and she painted a beautiful, lifelike portrait of the dog – and her friend was delighted with it.

After Chris finished her talk there were lots of questions from interested members of the audience – some who had dabbled in art and others with ‘two left hands’. All were amazed and thrilled at her achievement, and some went home with plans to realise their own unacknowledged ambitions. Perhaps we shall be hearing of THEIR success in a few years’ time!

The we moved through to the social area for a chat while enjoying a delicious and plentiful afternoon tea, provided by the ladies of St. Stephen’s.

Now we look forward to the next meeting, which will be held in the garden of Sue Vyvyan-Robinson on Friday 19th June at 4 pm – note change in day and time. This will be a Summer Garden Party, with no speaker.

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