Special Services in May

Ascension Day service in the forest, Thursday 25th May

This year we will again be holding our annual Ascension Day service in the picnic area at Peyia Forest on Thursday, 25th May starting at 11 a.m.

For those of you who have never been, the unusual setting provides a peaceful tranquil environment for this important service in the church’s year. Why not join us for the service, in the beauty of the forest and bring a picnic to enjoy afterwards. Everyone is welcome

Special Service to mark ‘Wesley Day’, Sunday 28th May

To mark ‘Wesley Day’ we will be holding a special service at St. Stephen’s, Tala at
11 a.m. on Sunday 28th May.

The service will be exploring and commemorating the life of the Wesley brothers and of course singing some of the famous Wesley hymns. All are welcome to come along and join with us for refreshments after the service.

John Wesley (1703-1791) – a short history.

Wesley was an ordained priest in the Church of England and theologian who founded Methodism.

On the evening of 24th May 1738 he experienced an evangelical conversion and felt ‘his heart strangely warmed’. He became an itinerant minister who preached in the open air to all who would listen, travelling far and wide throughout Britain on his horse. Wesley had no intention that his style of worship would compete with the Established Church but inevitably it grew outside the parish churches as he said ‘the world is my parish’. Wesley died claiming he was a ‘loyal member of the Church of England’, but within seven years of his death, Methodism was established on four continents outside of Europe and finally it separated from the Church of England.

John’s younger brother Charles, also an ordained priest in the Church of England, wrote over 6,000 hymns many of which are favourites today, including the famous ‘Love Divine All Loves Excelling’ sung at many weddings. He used well-known and easily sung tunes which was another reason for the Wesley brothers being seen as separate from the Church of England since their joy in music and singing was seen as ‘enthusiastic’ and was rejected for not being sufficiently ‘formal’.

Over the past few years the Church of England and Methodists have been working closer together and the various Anglican parishes on the island of Cyprus will be marking ‘Wesley Day’ (24th May).

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