Giving: A little encouragement

"God loves a cheerful giver!"

Many things can be said about giving – to God, church and community. Perhaps the strongest motivation behind all concepts of giving is that of the Generosity of God.


Considering that 100% of what we have is ultimately from God, the thought that we can selfishly hoard it all rubs against that fact. Even the ability to create wealth, which some people have in abundance using innate and learned skills to generate vast sums, comes ultimately from God. And in Jesus, God has shown us extreme generosity, even though in God’s terms it was from love and not because we ourselves deserved it.

The Scriptures teach us – Jesus taught us – that sharing from our abundance is natural for those who regard themselves as “in tune with God”. The need to care for widows and orphans was great even in Jesus’ time; long before state welfare existed, the community cared for those unable to care for themselves any longer, especially those who were vulnerable or who lacked means of support due to the ways society then organised itself. Also important were the needs of the temple and support of the priests and others who did God’s work there.

We encourage all who worship in the Anglican community of Paphos to give as generously and boldly as their means allow them to, to support the work of the church. We have no “outside funding”; we are a church in Cyprus, not funded from any other source, private, state or otherwise! All our funds are carefully administered by our Treasurer in consultation with elected church leaders, with regular financial reporting and transparency.

Our ability to offer places of worship, to offer pastoral support and to conduct baptisms and funerals for the many English-speaking expatriates who live here and wish to have such services, is only made possible from regular sustained giving through collections at services and Pledged Giving. Our ability to offer compassion to members and visitors alike, and to spread the Good News of God in Jesus Christ, is enabled by your giving.

Please make sure that when you make any donation to the church that you make a note of the purpose of the gift, i.e. “Tithes”, “Flower Festival”, “Pledge Scheme” (and include your scheme number), “Lent Appeal”, etc. This will help the Treasurer to allocate your gift correctly. Gifts received with no designation will be added to the General Fund. There is usually space on bank deposit slips, bank transfer and standing order forms in which to do this.  If not, just email with details of your donation and how you would like it to be used.

If you have any questions about donations, gift aid, legacies or giving in general please just drop us a line using our contact form or email

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