Giving Tree Presents

Giving Tree Presents – 20th December 2016

Some 70 Christmas presents provided by members of the St. Stephen’s Congregation and visitors under the “Giving (Christmas) Tree” project initiated by Reader Ann Bailey. The pictures show the gifts being presented by Ann to Mrs Helen Dagli, the deputy head of the Department of Social Services in Paphos. The presents were distributed by Social Services staff to the children of needy families in Paphos later that day. These families generally receive Government financial support sufficient to enable them to live in low cost rented accommodation dotted around the town. Mrs Dagli had previously provided a list of the ages and genders (but not names) of the recipient children to enable the presents to be matched accordingly. Mrs Dagli and her staff were bowled over by the volume of the gifts and expressed their extreme gratitude on behalf of the children who would receive them.

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