Friends of the Anglican Church in Paphos

If you have previously been a member of the Anglican Church in Paphos and returned to the U.K., if you are a visitor or even a ‘Swallow’ you might be interested in becoming a Friend of the Anglican Church in Paphos.

If you are interested or would like further information please click on the button below to download the information leaflet. Thank you for your support.

Church Friends Leaflet

One thought on “Friends of the Anglican Church in Paphos

  1. Thank you for emailing me the Friends of the Anglican Church in Paphos leaflet as I would like to become a bit more involved with the Church other than reading the Weekly Notice Sheets. As I am already financially committed to a Parish Church in the UK I would not be able to make any donations, but would like feel I could come along and support the various events throughout the year if I happen to be available. I am not a regular worshipper at any of the churches, but do retain an interest in the Church of England. Thank you.

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