Cyprus Mail Article on Funeral Donations

Cyprus Mail Article on Funeral Donations: A recent article in the Cyprus Mail alleged that ‘Church committees’ on the island were demanding to retain 40% of all donations made as the result of charitable collections at funerals. (See article: Churches still insisting on cut from funeral charity donations – April 18th, 2018) The Anglican Church of Paphos wishes to disassociate itself from such a practice and to make it clear that ALL and ANY monies collected in this way at funerals, which it conducts, are forwarded to the named charity(s). Furthermore, we understand and accept that a funeral director may take the lead in organising such collections and that they agree to forward the collected monies, in full, to the named charity(s). I would ask that you to make this known to anyone you know who enquires about our practice. Reverend Andrew.

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