Announcement on behalf of the Rev’d Nic Denny-Dimitriou

Nic, Julia, Hannah & Joshua

The following is a shortened, adapted version of the statement read at all services in the Anglican Church of Paphos on Sunday 4th January 2015.

The Anglican Church of Paphos has had financial problems for several years (highlighted at Congregational Meetings, and in Newsletters during 2014, also available on the website).

Although significant strides have been made to address the problems, Julia and I have not had confidence that the parish would be able to fulfill its contractual obligations to my family in the long term. We informed the Bishop and Archdeacon, and also shared our concerns with the Parish Council. In September, after our return from annual leave, I convened an Emergency Meeting of the Parish Council to further consider the parish’s financial state. Soon afterwards we stated that circumstances left us feeling we had no option but to reconsider our future.

I must therefore announce that my family and I will be leaving Paphos. I recently accepted an offer to be parish priest in the parish of Coromandel Valley, Diocese of Adelaide, South Australia.

Australian Immigration Visa regulations are complex and lengthy, and the process is not expected to be finalised until the middle of 2015. However, for the sake of new arrangements for Paphos, we will probably need to depart before our Visas are granted.

Currently we are committed to remaining here until at least the end of April, and possibly slightly later. We are making arrangements to stay in Europe with family and friends until our Visas are finalised.

The Bishop will take steps together with the Wardens and Council to ensure continued priestly ministry in Paphos after my departure.

Please pray for us, as we do for you. Please be assured of my commitment to good ministry for as long as I am the priest for the Anglican Church of Paphos.

Please also pray for your Wardens and Council. You are welcome to raise questions with them and with me, bearing in mind that this is only the beginning of a new process and your leadership does not yet have all the answers!

Nic Denny-Dimitriou

Any enquiries can be directed to the Church Wardens directly or via this website to the Honorary Parish Secretary, Di Sylvester using the contact form on this website.


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