Women’s Group

Some of the ladies enjoying Sue V-R's lovely garden before the rains came down!

Some of the ladies enjoying Sue V-R’s garden


The aim of the Women’s Group is to serve the needs of women specifically, and it has provided a forum for the women of the parish. All women are very welcome to join us, whether you are resident in Cyprus or here on holiday, and whether members of a Church or not. There is usually some form of entertainment (even serious subjects can be entertaining, in our hands!) followed by home-made refreshments. There is no charge, though a donation would not be refused!

The programme for 2015 has included a garden party at a member’s home (see photo above), with refreshments provided by ladies from all three churches; a talk by Chris Cross on her discovery, in her later years, of the joy of taking up art, with a fascinating display of her work, hosted by St. Stephen’s; and a poetry reading at St. Luke’s which proved both moving and entertaining. Then in November, we had a talk from a retired teacher about the surprising things that can happen in a classroom.

The programme for 2016 has included talks on Modern Methods of Stress Management, Pearls, Dabaso School in Kenya and a fascinating historical tale preserved by a family during the Colonial Indian era.

Our activities, as you can see, are many and varied, and can be seen in more detail by following the links below.

The next meeting will be held at St. Stephen’s Church, Tala on 20th April at 3 p.m.

The speaker, Ros Sparrow, will be speaking on “Wildlife of Cyprus – introducing the fauna of a unique Mediterranean island”.

As Cyprus rose up from the seabed and was never joined with neighbouring landmasses, it has fewer species than the mainland but a high level of endemism – species only found in the island. Ros will show some of the reptiles, a few mammals and birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects, and talk about their experiences photographing and studying Cyprus wildlife during the past 15 years.

The meeting is normally for an hour with the ability to interact with the Speaker. After which there are light refreshments and time to socialize with other members.

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